R. Glen Calderhead, MSc PhD


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Dr Calderhead took over the post of ESLAS Secretary-General from his predecessor, Dr John Carruth, at the 2007 ESLAS AGM, and has been an ESLAS Member since the first meeting in 1997, now bringing a wealth of experience to the ESLAS Board.

Dr Calderhead has been involved in medical laser and phototherapy research since 1977, starting with laser surgery, moving laterally into low level laser therapy in the early 1980’s, and more recently working with planar light emitting diode (LED) arrays. He has been Secretary-General of a number of international societies, and is currently Secretary-General of the International Society for Simulation Surgery (ISSiS) and the World Anti-ageing Medical Association (WAMA).

He was co-author of the pioneering books on laser therapy in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and has collaborated in many more on laser applications in plastic and reconstructive surgery and dermatology. He is a prolific invited speaker at meetings worldwide, and his vast knowledge of light-tissue interactions will be invaluable to aesthetic surgeons within and without ESLAS.

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