Dana Jianu MD PhD


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Dr. Dana Jianu was formed as a plastic surgeon in  Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Burns with Romanian specialists in  Academic  Hospital of Plastic Surgery,Reconstructive and Burns  with Prof. Florin Isac and colaborators, a very busy hospital treating the most difficult cases Nationwide  of work( industrial) accidents and Burns.She is part of the first generation of post -communist romanian  plastic surgeons.

Her main focus is Aesthetic  Plastic Surgery and in Regenerative Plastic Surgery.Her expertise in Aesthetic PS  field was gained abroad with renowed surgeons (between 1990-1994 ): Prof. Valeriu Popescu (Hamburg, Germany), Dr. David Sharp (UK), Dr. Giovanni Botti (Salo, Italy), Dr. Giorgio Fischer (Rome, Italy), Dr. Pierre Fournier, Dr. Benjamin Ascher (Paris, France) , Dr. Steven Hoefflin (Santa Monica, USA) just to name a few.

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