Cyprus Laser Course

04-02-2012 - 04-02-2012

A very special LASER Course took place on a very warm and sunny 4th of February 2012 Saturday morning in the southeastern part of Europe, in Limassol of Cyprus. It was organized by ESLAS and the Cyprus Society for PRAS. Dr. Mario Trelles, ESLAS’ honorary President, Dr. Parsakevas Kontoes, ESLAS’ President and Dr. Spiros Vlachos, ESLAS’ membership secretary and treasurer gave several presentations covering practically all fields of Laser Surgery and Laser skin treatments. Two fellow Cypriot plastic surgeons (Drs Christos Michaelides and Sophocles Nicolaides) also presented their own experience on Laser procedures.

Altogether ten Plastic Surgeons from Cyprus attended the Course and simultaneously enrolled themselves into ESLAS, applying for membership. The course concluded with some state of the art performed Laser treatments by the experienced invited faculty.

The whole course was of a very high level and extremely helpful for experienced doctors as well as for beginners. It was a big success for both ESLAS and the Cyprus Society for Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

ESLAS is looking forward to similar future events and is welcoming its ten new members.

Any National Medical Society in Europe or worldwide, interested in similar workshops to be organized by ESLAS, or individual doctors having the support of National Societies who would like to organize similar courses, are welcome to apply by e-mail to the President of ESLAS at

Applications will be evaluated by the ESLAS Board of Directors

The Next approved ESLAS workshop is organized in Dubai, 17-19 February 2012

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