Annual 6th International Laser Training and Workshop Course for Aesthetic Medicine (SULTARC)

17-02-2012 - 19-02-2012

Last February 17- 19 2012 Organizers Fotona Lasers, LightCare International U.A.E., ESLAS, and Sharjah University Clinical Training Center conducted the Annual 6th International Laser Training and Workshop Course for Aesthetic Medicine (SULTARC). Sharjah University opens its doors for another innovative training for Plastic surgeons, Dermatologist, and Gynecologist. A 3 day lecture and workshop with live demo and case presentation. The Organizers invited various speakers which are internationally based and known for its Laser applications and interventions. For the 1st day, it was a lecture for basic Laser physics and Laser concepts. We are honored and privilege to have the President of (ESLAS) European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery and one of the Chairman of SULTARC Dr. Paraskevas Kontoes who delivered the opening remarks followed by Dr. Taher Khalil President of Lightcare International for the welcome speech. For the first lecturer it was Prof. Karim Massoud M.D. A Plastic Surgeon from University of Cairo Egypt spoke about the basic Laser concepts and Laser Physics. Second speaker was Dr. Hakeem Eltarky A known Lecturer from Cairo University spoke about laser interactions safety and handling. Followed by Dr. Shajid Ahktar a professor of Dermatology in Punjab University, Pakistan who presented his case on the effectively of Nd:YAG laser application for Hair Removal. Then followed by Dr. Uzma Ali a Dermatologist of Pakistan who also presented her case on the efficacy of Q switch and Nd:YAG Laser Treatment for Tattoo Removal and the last speaker was Dr. Mario Trelles of Spain who presented the Laser Tissue Interactions and Laser Lipolysis. On the Second day, the program was for the Gynecologist and Plastic Surgeons. Organizers categorized the participants on their own specialty. For the Gynecology lecture, it was headed by Dr. Ivan Fistonic a gynecologist from Crotia. He presented the newest technique of Laser applications for Vaginal Rejuvenation and treatment for urinary continence followed by a hands on workshop on laser machine by Dr. Buthaina Asreb for tissue ablation procedures. On the other hand it was Prof. Karim Massoud M.D. headed the program for Plastic Surgeon Participants he discussed the proper Laser Parameter Selection and Laser Lipolysis and followed up by a live demo presentation after the lecture. Organizers invited some volunteers for case presentation purposes. They have categorized subjects depending on the case presented and Laser Interventions. And on the last day it was for the Dermatologist and Cosmetic surgeons. The first lecturer was Dr. Jasmina Kozarev who is known for its application on Laser in dermatology from Serbia. She presented the topic on laser preparation and proper parameter selection handling. Then followed by a hands on workshop and Demo for case presentation. Again we are honored to have one of the Chairman to be our speaker for the day which is the Head of Plastic Surgeon and Wound Care department of Rashid Hospital in Dubai Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni who presented the case on Laser for Exovascular applications. After all the lectures and case presentation every participants received their certificates which is accredited by the Laser and Health Academy, Sharjah University, and the Dubai Health Authority with respected Continuing Medical Education points.

The 3 day Laser training event was successful. we had a lot of fun and Learning, Organizers would like to thank the participants for their kind consideration and support during the 3 day workshop. We hope that we would spread the news and soon we can share our knowledge and interest on using Lasers on our medical interventions. We saw some potential buyers on the machine and did show their interest for their future use. We are looking forward to the next event and hope to see you again till the next the Laser training and workshop course.

Dr’s Mario Trelles, Marwan Al Zarouni, Vakis Kontoes, Taher Khalil (President LCI) and Karim Massoud.













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