14th Congress of the ROAPS and 10th Congress of the RASS

08-06-2016 - 11-06-2016

Dear colleagues,

We have the honor to invite to attend the first great scientific event organized in partnership by the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society-RASS and the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons-ROAPS.

During June 8th – 11th 2016, in Bucharest, at Pullman Hotel, there are to be held:

XIVth Congress of the Romanian Association of Plastic Surgeons-ROAPS and
Xth Congress of the Romanian Aesthetic Surgery Society-RASS
ISAPS Symposium – International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery
EASAPS Meeting – European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

ROAPS Congress will host the First Conference of Plastic Surgery Residents, and the RASS Congress will host an EASAPS Meeting – European Association of Societies of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Societies.

The two immediately successive Congresses mark a historic moment in the life of the two Societies: for the first time, ROAPS and RASS are getting together in order to organize a large-scale event, the materialization of the idea of synergy in action and of a fresh vision in leading the two Societies, “sealed ” in September last year, in Murighiol. We are proud that, during our mandates, we succeed, together with our teams, to fulfill for the first time an older challenge, repeatedly failed. Hence, the motto of the event: “One specialty – One event. One of a kind.” Topic: “The complex therapeutic support of plastic, aesthetic surgery and burned patient”.

Under ROAPS auspices, there is to be held, at the beginning of the event, also the First Conference of Plastic Surgeons Residents. For the first time, young people representing the future of the specialty will benefit from an event they deserve enough and to spare, focusing on professional education, the positive competition spirit and the team work. During the ROAPS Congress, there are to be presented papers of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery and burns – inclusively, a session dedicate to “Colectiv” accident – in a unique and interesting scientific manner.

Under RASS auspices, there are to be held, during the second half of the event, Live Aesthetic Surgery, video demonstrations and specialty papers, as well as EASAPS Meeting, adding new scientific bonds. Through the collaboration of the two societies, there is to be held also an ISAPS Symposium to which there will attend four ISAPS professors.

A special attention will be awarded also to the therapeutic care of normal and pathological skin care. Over the course of four days, there are invited to share their professional experience great personalities from Romania and abroad, creating the premises of an event of exceptional scientific level, approaching plastic surgeons, as well as other specialties colleagues, interested in these topics.

We conclude by saying that we are happy with two things: the first one is that we have the support of various companies and enterprises which choose to ground this beautiful common project dedicated to specialty and patients. The second one is that, although there are not easy, our common and harmonized efforts are starting to contour an unforgettable event, in the collegiate, respect and transparency spirit, in a pleasant and friendly environment, at the beginning of summer, in Bucharest.

We are looking forward to seeing you,

Presidents of the Congress:

Dana Jianu MD PhD
RASS President
Congress Director
Dragos Zamfirescu MD PhD
ROAPS President

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