ESLAS will welcome and accept members from Europe and from all over the world with appropriate experience and knowledge in the field of laser surgery. Applicants will be considered from those accredited in the following disciplines:

  • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery
  • Ophthalmic and Oculo-plastic Surgery
  • Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery
  • ENT Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Laser Scientists

There are many interesting benefits that come with the ESLAS membership. Besides taking part in the proceedings of ESLAS, an Association at the heart of the scientific developments in the field of laser operations and among many privileges, members also enjoy:

  • A free subscription to the Journal of “Cosmentic Laser Therapy”, the official scientific journal of the Association.
  • Reduced participation fees in ESLAS Congresses and events.
  • Privileged access to the “Members Area” of the ESLAS Webpage and access to the inner proceedings that shape the future of the medical laser sciences in Europe and the world. Also, gain access to a progressive database of information on laser surgery and all aspects of patient management
  • The ability to voice opinions and share useful information with their colleagues through the ESLAS Newsletter “Wavelengths” that reaches all the members of ESLAS and the thousands of fellow professionals through the ESLAS Website.
  • The ability to portray the ESLAS membership in a professional and market environment, through a CV or in the Office, reflecting the scientific excellence, the safety requirements and the ethical moral standing of all the ESLAS members.

Full voting rights will be granted and names included in the membership list in the ESLAS handbook, in addition to the full list maintained on this web site, and the compact version in the Society newsletter, ‘Wavelengths’ which all members are entitled to receive.

Full members may attend all meetings and courses, usually with special registration discounts, and will have full access to all areas of the ESLAS web-site, which has been designed not only to keep the ESLAS Membership up to date with the internal and external affairs of ESLAS, but also, and more importantly, to provide a progressive database of information on laser surgery and all aspects of patient management as well as links to laser-related and other medical sites.

MEMBERSHIP FEES are set at 180 Euros per year

We strongly recommend payment by credit card or by paypal

Press here if you want to pay your annual fees

Please contact the membership secretary for further details on how to become a member:

European Laser Association (ELA) Membership

ELA membership is available only as National Group Membership or Regional Group Membership. To be member of ELA, an individual should be a member of an ELA Sister Society.

ESLAS is a Sister Society of ELA. Therefore, all ESLAS Members are automatically members of ELA with no extra payment, charge or fee. In addition, in a motion passed in the ELA Executive Board in Prague on 16th October 2010, especially for medics who did not have ELA Member Status through a National Association, it was unanimously agreed that:

“An individual member should, in the first place, seek membership of European Society of Laser Aesthetic Surgery ‘ESLAS’ (irrespective of his or her own speciality).  

When and if the ESLAS membership is granted as per the terms of ESLAS, then an individual member will automatically become ELA member as a part of ESLAS group membership of ELA, without any further action”


Become an Active Member of ESLAS

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