Laws of the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery
Revision date 17/05/01


ARTICLE one Name, Objectives, Language and Offices

Section 1: Name

The name of the Organisation shall be the European Society for Laser Aesthetic Surgery, hereafter referred to as ESLAS.

Section 2: Objectives

The objectives and purpose of ESLAS shall be to advance the science and practice of laser aesthetic surgery for the public benefit. ESLAS shall serve as a medium for practical instruction, research and exchange of scientific knowledge related to the use of light and lasers for application in aesthetic surgery.

Section 3: Language

The official language of ESLAS shall be English.

Section 4: The Offices

The offices of ESLAS shall be maintained at the premises of the Secretary-General. The duties of treasurer may be combined with the post of secretary or may be combined with another ESLAS office at the discretion of the executive.

Membership and Affiliations

Section 1: Categories of membership

Categories of Membership shall be these:
(a) Provisional
(b) Associate
(c) Full
(d) Senior
(e) Honorary

(a) Provisional Membership

i Provisional Membership will be granted on acceptance of application and payment of the annual membership fee.

ii Applicants must hold a professional or scientific degree which is considered appropriate by the Executive Committee and must have a proven interest in the Objectives of ESLAS.

iii Applicants will be considered from those accredited in the following disciplines:
Plastic And Aesthetic Surgery
Ophthalmic and Oculo-plastic Surgery
Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery
ENT Surgery
Laser Scientists

iv Applications from others may be considered as special cases at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

v Only Full Members will have voting rights and will be included in the membership list in the ESLAS handbook and website.

(b) Associate Membership

i Associate Membership will be available to members of National Laser Societies affiliated with ESLAS and will incur a lower fee than Provisional Membership. Associate Members will be granted the same rights as Full Members except for voting rights. They may be represented by up to three ESLAS Associate Members of their own National Society’s Executive who will have voting rights at ESLAS meetings. Associate Members may become Full Members of ESLAS upon completing the necessary requirements for Full Membership and paying the appropriate fee.

(c) Full Membership.

i Full Membership will be granted to those provisional Members whose knowledge and experience meet the requirements of the Executive Committee. Credits will be given for completion of recognised courses and attendance at recognised training meetings. 10 credits for affiliated regional/national meetings, 20 credits for affiliated international meetings and 30 credits for ESLAS annual meetings. 100 credits will normally be required to attain full membership.

ii Members will acquire full voting rights on notification of Full Membership status and payment of appropriate annual dues.

iii The names of new Full Members will be announced at the annual meeting of ESLAS and included in the membership list in the next ESLAS handbook.

iv The Active Membership includes all paid-up Full Members of ESLAS and excludes Provisional Members and any Full Members whose annual fees remain unpaid six weeks after their renewal date.

(d) Senior Membership.

Senior Membership may be granted after ESLAS has been in existence for more than ten years and amy be granted to members of over sixty-five (65) years of age, who have been ESLAS members for more than eight (8) years. Senior members will be excused payment of annual dues.

(e) Honorary Members

Honorary Members may be offered to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the field of Aesthetic Laser Surgery and will be excused payment of annual dues.

Section 2: Application procedure

Application forms for ESLAS Membership may be obtained from the Membership Secretary. Prospective applicants must be proposed and seconded by two Active members of ESLAS or by Executive members of National Associations known to and approved by the ESLAS executive.

Completed application forms signed by the proposer and seconder should be returned to the Membership Secretary for consideration.

Section 3: Termination of Membership

ESLAS, by a majority vote of Active Members, may suspend a member for due cause, but the suspended member may petition the Executive Committee and request a final hearing. The deliberations of the Executive Committee will be in confidence, will not require justification and their decision will be final.

Section 4: Affiliations

National and Regional Laser Societies and Associations may be affiliated with ESLAS while their Executive includes a full ESLAS member who will act as representative of that National or Regional Society or Association on an ESLAS membership sub-committee. Affiliated Societies could be from two sources:
1. Laser Societies which are already established and whose members requiring Associate Membership of ESLAS would be subject to ESLAS selection requirements.
2. New Laser Societies formed with reference to ESLAS and whose laws comply with those of ESLAS would have a right to appoint their own members as Associate Members of ESLAS upon payment of the appropriate capitation fee.
Affiliated Societies and Associations may offer Associate Membership of ESLAS to their members. Affiliation will allow the Society or Association to publicise the affiliation and to coordinate meetings with and where appropriate to seek advice from ESLAS. They would usually be involved in organisation of ESLAS meetings within that country under the local chairman appointed by ESLAS.

Laser subdivisions of more general Societies such as Plastic Surgery or Dermatology Societies would not be eligible for Associate Membership but would be able to apply for Provisional and Full Memberships in the usual way and may be offered reduced registration fees for ESLAS meetings.


Section 1: Officers of ESLAS

The Officers of ESLAS shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary-General, a Membership Secretary and a Scientific Secretary. These five Officers comprise the Executive Committee of ESLAS.

The President and at least two other Officers of the Executive Committee must be Plastic Surgeons.

All Officers must be European Nationals.

Section 2: Election of Officers.

The Executive Committee is initially comprised of five Officers appointed by agreement of the founder members at their inaugural meeting. Officers shall subsequently be elected and confirmed every four years by The Active Membership at the Annual Meeting.

Nomination forms for the posts of Officers of The Executive Committee shall be circulated to The Active Membership and nominations received will be considered by a Nominating Sub-committee of Full Members appointed by the current President and forwarded at the absolute discretion of that Nominating Sub-committee to be voted on by the Active Membership at the next appropriate Annual Meeting.

Section 3: Accession to Office

The newly elected Officers shall assume their duties at the conclusion of the Annual Meeting at which they have been elected.

Section 4: Tenure of Office

The elected Officers shall serve for a four-year term, but may be re-elected for a further four-year term making a maximum of eight years service.

Meetings of Members

Section 1: Meetings

(a) Site and time

ESLAS shall hold an Annual Meeting, the location to be decided on by the Executive Committee after discussion of suggestions polled from the membership.
Annual Meetings will be held in Europe, the host country to be rotated as considered appropriate by the Executive Committee.

(b) Content

The Annual Meeting shall consist of scientific and business sessions. Scientific sessions may consist of presentations of papers, posters, videos etc.

(c) Eligibility to attend

Scientific sessions will be open to all interested individuals on payment of the appropriate registration fee. Business sessions shall be limited to Active Members only.

(d) Extraordinary Meetings

Extraordinary Meetings may be called by the President, by a majority decision of the Executive Committee, or by a vote, petition or ballot of at least twenty percent (20%) of the Active Membership.

(e) Notice of Meetings

Written notice of Annual Meetings will be delivered to members at least four months prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 2: Local Arrangements for Annual Meetings

All local arrangements for Annual Meetings will be the responsibility of the Local Organising Committee under a Local Chairman appointed by the Executive Committee. The Local Organising Committee will be a separate organisation with independent finances but affiliated to ESLAS. The Local Organizing Committee will be required to produce evidence to the Executive Committee of appropriate insurance cover against financial loss. Any profit or loss generated by meetings will be shared with ESLAS according to agreements established prior to those meetings. ESLAS will not be responsible for Local Organising Committee debts howsoever they may arise unless the specific commitment has received prior approval of The ESLAS Executive Committee. The meeting Program will be organised with the collaboration of The Executive Committee by liaison through the Scientific Secretary. The Executive Committee will be fully acknowledged in all Program advertisements, announcements and publications.

Section 3: Proceedings of Annual Meetings

Audio and video tapes may be recorded by ESLAS or its agents at the discretion of the Organising Committee and will be the property of ESLAS. These recordings may be sold or distributed to interested members and attendees as deemed appropriate by the Organising Committee. The proceeds of any such sales will be paid to ESLAS.

Section 4: Local Meetings

Local meetings may be organised with the approval of ESLAS, and may use ESLAS literature and have ESLAS guidance and advice. Such meetings should be coordinated with The Executive Committee to fit in with their meetings calendar in order to optimise appropriate support.

Executive Committee and its Officers

Section 1: General Powers

The affairs of ESLAS shall be managed by the Executive Committee who shall report to the Membership at each Annual Meeting concerning all recommendations and decisions.

Section 2: Number of Members

There will be five core Members of the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Sub-committees

The Executive Committee may be assisted in their activities by additional Active Members co-opted onto subcommittees at its discretion. Co-opted members are not members of the Executive Committee. All Sub-committees (including all Standing Committees – ARTICLE VI) are accountable to the Executive Committee, will act only within the scope of powers given to them by the Executive Committee, and will report back promptly to the Executive Committee.

Section 4: Meetings

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a year between Annual Meetings. At the Annual Meetings the Executive Committee will meet prior to the General Assembly and at a convenient time after the Annual Meeting to consider the implications and consequences of that Meeting.

Standing Committees

Section 1: Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of at least three (3) Active Members appointed by the President. This committee shall, after receiving nominations from the Active Membership, compose the list of Active Members from which the Officers of the Executive Committee of ESLAS shall be elected.

Section 2: Program subcommittee

This committee shall be nominated by and chaired by the Scientific Secretary to co-ordinate instructional meetings and research activity, and to propagate information to Members as considered appropriate.

Section 3: Membership subcommittee

This committee shall be nominated by and chaired by the Membership Secretary to screen Membership applications and report to the Executive Committee.

Section 4: Continuity of ESLAS

(a) A Newsletter shall be produced at least once a year and circulated by the Secretary-General to all Active Members of ESLAS. This Newsletter should be authored by the President and the Executive Committee and will report on the activities of ESLAS and its Officers and highlights of the preceding Annual Meeting as well as information about the subsequent Annual Meeting.
The Newsletter will also include a handbook section incorporating the list of Active Members and current Laws.

(b) A Diploma of Accreditation will be issued by ESLAS to all Active Members.

Dues and Assessments

Section 1: Dues

Full Membership dues will be reviewed annually and payable in the active currency chosen by the executive.

Published fees are payable net of any transfer, exchange, or other charges.

Provisional Membership dues will be set at two thirds of the Full Membership rate. If Full Membership has not been granted to a Provisional Member after a period of two (2) years that Provisional Membership will cease.

Members whose dues are in arrears for more than six weeks will be considered lapsed and their Membership shall cease to be Active. Failure to respond to a final demand within one month will result in cessation of Membership and all privileges. Restoration of such Membership to Active status will require payment of a penalty. This penalty sum will be defined by the Executive Committee and reviewed annually.

Section 2: Sponsorship

Sponsorship of ESLAS meetings and projects will be sought and accepted provided such sponsorship carries no implication of, or actual influence upon the activities of ESLAS. Sponsors will be officially acknowledged without prejudice at ESLAS meetings and/or in ESLAS publications as deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Special Assessments

There shall be no special assessments without the recommendation of the Executive Council and approval of a majority of the Active Membership at the next Annual Meeting. Special Assessments shall be made only if the income of the ESLAS meetings is insufficient to cover its running expenses.

Section 4: Banking

The money collected from dues, fees and meetings shall be deposited in an ESLAS bank account or accounts nominated by the current Treasurer.

Section 5: Drawing of cheques

ESLAS cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and copies of all transactions forwarded to the President recording justification of the expense.

Section 6: Audit

There shall be an audit presented at each Annual Meeting by the Treasurer, auditing will be carried out by two other members of the Executive Committee chosen by the President. These auditors shall review the books and all financial records of ESLAS.

Section 7: Profits

Any and all profit accruing from membership fees, sponsorship, donations and from any ESLAS activities shall be applied to the management of ESLAS and to the furtherance of its Objectives (Laws Article 1, Section 2).

Amendments to the Laws

Section 1: Amendments of the Laws and the dissolution of ESLAS

Proposals to amend, alter or repeal any of the Laws or to dissolve ESLAS must be given in writing and signed by five Active Members of ESLAS and submitted to the Executive Committee via the Secretary-General. A copy shall be mailed to all Active Members of ESLAS at least four (4) months prior to the next Annual Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting at which any such changes are to be considered.

A minimum of 50% of Plastic Surgery Active Members must confirm in writing their support for any amendment before it can be put to the Full Membership at the next Annual Meeting or Extraordinary General Meeting. In exceptional circumstances a postal vote may be used to poll Members wishes before putting the vote to the full membership.

Section 2:

No amendment may be made to Article two, Article nine or this Article without the prior written consent of the Charity Commission, and no amendment may be made which would have the effect of making the charity cease to be a charity at law. Any assets remaining on dissolution should be passed to a charity established for similar purposes or, failing that, for some other charitable purpose.


The charity constituted by these laws shall be subject to the Laws of England and Wales.

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