ESLAS has always been in the center of the development of laser and always aims at new levels of positive influence pushing responsible solutions and the safer options in Europe and the World.

ESLAS aims:

to serve as a medium for practical instruction in the use of light and lasers for application in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery,

to encourage and support research and exchange of scientific knowledge related to the above applications of phototherapy,

and to offer an open forum for questions and answers, comments on and discussion of results, ideas, practical tips and hints and any problems related to phototherapy in aesthetic surgery.

Bringing professionals together

ESLAS is becoming the Society to welcome all individual members from Europe and the word, thus, giving a direct channel of communication between medics of the same or similar backgrounds regarding medical laser technologies. It provides its members with numerous opportunities to share information, knowledge and support via the numerous channels of communication established in the newsletter (“Wavelengths”), the website, the Journal (the Journal of Cosmetic Laser Therapy), the meetings, the educational events and the Congresses.


During meetings, educational events and congresses leaders in various fields, less experienced professionals and trainees can share their opinions and professional experience in the various sectors under the ESLAS umbrella of specialties. In parallel, all the aforementioned media of communication including the constant updates in the website or via email, keep experienced and new colleagues up to date with the fast developments in the sector.

Process assurance, quality and safety

ESLAS is committed to Promoting the idea that fully accredited professionals maintaining high ethical standards and using assured processes provide the public with responsible service regarding their various needs. Towards that goal each action taken by the Society from awarding membership status to organizing educational events, in characterized by the application of strict standards of excellence.

ESLAS will also inaugurate a website section to serve as a guide to patients that need to perform any kind of ESLAS related laser application towards improving a problem or combating a disease. There, the public will be able to find professional advice on basic safety considerations before deciding on the proper professional and engaging in any process.

A meeting point for surgeons and the industry

The Industry supporting the ESLAS covered medical professions is advancing towards ever-improving laser application technologies and peripheral products. ESLAS can play a major role both in keeping the community of professionals aware of new developments and providing the industry with the insiders view those professionals have on current and future patients needs through research or applications.

European and European Nations Policies

ESLAS, representing thousands of surgeons and medics who operate laser technologies in Europe and the world irrespective of each individual professional actually being or planning to become a member in the near future, can play a major role in bringing the view of all those medics forward in relation to policy making procedures in the European Union, Its Member States and all the other European countries. With an aim to transfer the experience of the professionals it represents, ESLAS will push for safety through concrete European and regional rule.

Become an Active Member of ESLAS

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